Flanagans has achieved a MSR grading equivalent which is the grade of a Major Structural Repair. This is the outline of our repair facility, our business has evolved into one of vehicle manufacturers requirements and grading which far surpasses this MSR grade. The vehicle manufacturers in South Africa have set the bar at levels that are world leaders in the Industry, we strive to keep ourselves abreast of these to keep ourselves competitive and retain our reputation of excellence.  To get your vehicle back to its original spec our facility carries the following equipment :

FLANAGANS F Cellete Fixed jig system with 10 ton pulling capacity
FLANAGANS F Blackhawk Speed Bench
FLANAGANS F Blackhawk Shark Electronic Measuring system 2010/11 spec
FLANAGANS F Miller Migmatic 358 Migbrazing / Alum adaptation
FLANAGANS F Techna 14000amp D/S spot inverter
FLANAGANS F 1Blackhawk Shark Electronic Measuring system 2009/10 spec
FLANAGANS F Matweld Plasma Cutter
FLANAGANS F Eagle 2 dent puller / spec
FLANAGANS F All MSR required tools and accessories

The integrity of all repairs is our utmost responsibity!